2017 Lambing courses - the girls are in the lambing shed
Saturday, January 7, 2017 at 2:56PM
Doreen Smillie in 24 hour lambing, Coloured Ryelands, Greyfaced dartmoors, Ryeland sheep, lambing courses

Ryeland ewes in lambing shedThe Ryelands, Coloured Ryelands and Greyfaced Dartmoor ewes are all in the lambing sheds enjoyng the comforts.

Lambing courses at Oakberrow commence 7th February and the girls are lambing in a tight pattern so we are full on from then until the end of February.  This does help with lambing courses as we have more days available.

At Oakberrow we are very friendly and make everyone welcome.  The numbers on the courses are limited to 4 so we can ensure that you get the mnost out of the day with us and can go home happy and confident in dealing with the lambing of your own flock.

We do have dates available, please contact us if you wish to attend a Lambing Course.

email dsg.oakberrow@gmail.com or phone 01531 640102.

Greyface dartmoor ewes in lambing shed

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