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Christmas Day is here

Christmas Eve Chloe arrived together with her Mum and Dad to deliver our Christmas presents and also to receive her present and give all the dogs their Christmas kiss.  Chloe loves visiting and being with the dogs and sheep and she has been trying her hand at showing Gin.  She has got the talent as you can see from the photo, she must follow in her grandad's footsteps who is affectionately known as Stevie!!


Happy Christmas and Happy Lambing 2012

I would like to wish all my friends and colleagues a Merry Christmas and a great 2012 with lots of success in the show world.

Steve and I are very excited about 2012 with the launch of our new web page promoting all that we get up to at Oakberrow.

Lambing courses, sheep management courses and consultancy service by Steve who has many years experience in the livestock world with a wealth of knowledge.  See the web for further information.

Crufts in March and we have entered Gin as regretfully Foster cannot compete as he is a docked dog.  Gin is entered in the breed and also the Pickers Up class and a representative in the Madresfield Shoot Team.



Grey Faced Dartmoor Girls

Antonia, Ceres and LaraAs promised photos of the latest girls - their names are Antonia, Ceres and Lara - all of which are good old fashioned Roman girls' names.

The Dartmoors are mixing well with the Ryelands, but are a little unsure of the dogs as yet.  Decimus seems to have made best friends with the Texel Ram. 

The long winter nights are becoming a bore.  We are starting to sort out all the lambing dates and get organised for the first few who start at the end of January.

Got to ensure that the girls all have their Heptavac P injection in good time.


More Greyfaced Dartmoors arrive at Oakberrow

Today we picked up 3 more in-lamb Grey Faced Dartmoor ewes from the Vespasian flock in Wells, Somerset and a very handsome ram called Decimus.  So hopefully we have the nucleus of the Oakberrow flock of pedigree Grey Faced Dartmoors.  Pictures to follow!!! Watch this space


Stowford Joins the Team!

StowfordStowford our baby Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas has been out working on the local shoots.

As you can see is a fully grown up member of the Picking up team. 

Here he is!