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greyface lambWe have for sale a limited number of greyface dartmoor lambs.  Their sire is a Vespasian ram and the ewes are from Sunnnyside and Muddle and Hillside lines.

The lambs were born in March and are well grown and have been clipped as per the Society's rules.

We also have a shearling ewe and some older breeding ewes for sale.

If interested please get in touch - or 01531 640102



Lambing and Puppies

Puppies at playThis next month is going to be really busy as the ewes will start lambing on 1 February, lambing courses also start - we do have a few spaces available.

The Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla puppies are a month old so the hard work starts and their new owners get to meet their new charges. There is still one dog puppy available, so get in touch if interested and stop me from falling in love with him. Delighted to say he has found a great home today.

So Oakberrow is the place to be especially if  you want to learn about anything to do with sheep, we also do husbandry and show training courses.

First to lamb with the Ryelands followed closely by some of the Greyface Dartmoors, mny gorgeous Antonia and Baby Lara.

If you want to learn and have hands-on experience of lambing, do get in touch with us at Oakberrow either by e-mail or phone 01531 640102. 


Ryeland sheep and Greyface Dartmoor sheep wins so far

ryeland lamb and greyface dartmoor ewe and lambWe have had a good start to the showing season this year with the sheep.  At the RWAS Smallholders show in May Oakberrow Thunder and Untouchable were both third.  With the Greyface Dartmoors - our lovely Sunny was second in a strong class of rams and also Ulysses was second as well.  The breeding ewe - Antonia was a credible 4th.

At Shropshire County Show - Oakberrow Thunder was Breed champion with our shearling ewe being Reserve Breed Champion under judge Pam Bateman.

The Greyface Dartmoors under top judge John Osborne from Cornwall, our Ulysses won the any aged ram class and Agatha our ewe lamb also won her class.  The shearling ewe was 3rd in her class.

At the Royal Three Counties Show - the Dartmoors did well with Sunny winning Breed Champion.  He won the any aged ram class with his son Ulysses taking up the 2nd spot.  Our baby ram lamb (still to be named) won the ram lamb class and Agatha won the Ewe lamb class.  So a great day.


Grey Faced Dartmoor Girls

Antonia, Ceres and LaraAs promised photos of the latest girls - their names are Antonia, Ceres and Lara - all of which are good old fashioned Roman girls' names.

The Dartmoors are mixing well with the Ryelands, but are a little unsure of the dogs as yet.  Decimus seems to have made best friends with the Texel Ram. 

The long winter nights are becoming a bore.  We are starting to sort out all the lambing dates and get organised for the first few who start at the end of January.

Got to ensure that the girls all have their Heptavac P injection in good time.


More Greyfaced Dartmoors arrive at Oakberrow

Today we picked up 3 more in-lamb Grey Faced Dartmoor ewes from the Vespasian flock in Wells, Somerset and a very handsome ram called Decimus.  So hopefully we have the nucleus of the Oakberrow flock of pedigree Grey Faced Dartmoors.  Pictures to follow!!! Watch this space