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All the ewes have been scanned and delighted with the results which include three sets of triplets, one of which is from our Greyface Dartmoor Ewe Lara.  This will be the first time that any of our Dartmoors have had triplets.

Greyface Dartmoor with her twinsThe Lambing Courses start 4th February and the ewes lambing dates are for all of February which gives a good choice of dates to choose from.  We always try to fit in the courses to when ewes are due and give them some leeway either side of the date so that attendees will see a lambing during the time at Oakberrow.

The course also covers the feeding of the ewes and the after-care for lambs as well as the signs of when a ewe is going to lamb and actual lambing and problems with the different presentations of the lambs.

A good lunch is also provided!

If interested, please get in touch to book your spot.  Tel 01531 640102/07971675162 or





Lambing at Oakberrow starts on Valentines day - 14 February 2013.

Ryeland ewe and lamb

We will be lambing 60 ewes altogether made up with Ryelands, Texels and the Grey Faced Dartmoors.

We are planning 2 days every week for the courses.  They will be very much hands-on and you will be working with the sheep and learn about signs of when a ewe is about to lamb, actual lambing, looking after ewe and lambs after birth and so on.

There will be limited spaces, so if interested please apply asap.  See under Lambing Courses for the dates


Lambs, lambs and more lambs

Yes, here it is as I said earlier photos of some of the lambs.  They are all of texel lambs at the moment.  The first Ryeland lambed 2 days ago and they are still in the Lambing barn and will go out shortly.  I will take a photo then when they are looking their best running around and playing.  So far on Ryelands - 2 ewes lambed and we have 3 lambs - 2 boys and 1 girl and Nimrod is the dad.

The next big batch will be the Ryelands when they will be lambing over the weekend 11 and 12 February, however as with mother nature they will only arrive then they are ready, however you have to be prepared.  Steve still has some dates available for lambing courses, so get in touch.


Lambs have arrived!

Exactly at midnight on Sunday the first lambs arrived.   The first was a texel who produced twins and then closely followed by 5 more texels.  I also have Camilla who is a Ryeland dad and Suffolk mule mum, who this year went to the Texel and Camilla had twins.  Princess who is another daughter of Duchy (the Suffolk mule) but to a texel ram, also had twins and for the first time ewe lambs.  Don't tell Steve but I intend to keep one of these!  The first Ryeland is due on 31 January - but they normally lamb a few days later than anticipated.  Dot and Willow, the Greyfaced Dartmoors are also due to lamb soon with the other 4 towards the end of February.

Pictures of the lambs to follow.


Lambing Barn in action

The ewes are due to start lambing on Sunday - very exciting! It is quite a special time when the first lamb arrives.  You wait with excitement and when you hear the first little bleat of a newborn lamb there is nothing like it.  Steve seems to have an inbuilt alarm clock and can get up every hour or two during the night attending to the girls.  They enjoy coming into the barn at night and we love looking at them with a sense of anticipation. 

Before the ewes go with the lambs we spend many an hour analysising  the ewe's previous off spring and deciding which ram they should be used,  this ram or that ram - decisions, decisions!!  All of this makes it so interesting to see if your decisions have been fruitful.   Remember that we are running lambing courses, so if interested get your space booked as soon as possible.