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Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas

Update May 2019 - No litters planned for 2019.

CRUFTS 2019 - The Oakberrow girls did really well under breed specialist Chris Guest.  The baby Sloane - Oakberrow Let The Fun be Gin was awarded 2nd in Puppy bitch and the beautiful Breeze won Open Bitch.  Also Ginger Lillie Around Oakberrow owned by Yvonne Aldridge was awarded Best Veteran in Breed and won Reserve Champion Bitch.  A day to remember!!!

LATEST NEWS - Breeze's daugther Brandy is expecting puppies.  They are due on 16 June 2018.  She has been mated to a lovely looking working dog who is a French Import Info Des Bois De La Fessile at Rylandson.  He is bred from best Working and show lines.

If interested in one of these superb Oakberrow puppies, please either email with some information about yourself of give me a call on either 01531 640102 or 07971675162.  Email - do not use the contact email from the web.  Thanks



 UPDATE ON PUPPIES - Breeze is planning to have a litter of puppies in the autumn of 2018, nothing like planning in advance!  If interested in putting yourname on a list for a puppy please email me on

Breeze retrieving a cock pheasant


UPDATE - HOWIE has found a lovely home and we wish them all well for the future.

H O W I E - is looking for a home.  He is two years old castrated male and through no fault of his own he is looking for a new home.  He would be best we feel with another dog for company and an active household.  He is very obedient and loving.  Contact either myself on 01531 640102 or Yvonne on 01984 624670.  He is at the present living with Yvonne.  He is a son of the lovely Tilly from her first litter.




After lots of thought - Breeze has decided to wait a year before having puppies.  She is looking forward to the summer of showing and training and after 2017 shooting season taking up maternal duties once again. If interested in joining the puppy list do get in touch on my email.

- PUPPIES born on 26 December - 3 girls and 4 boys FROM THE LOVELY BREEZE. All sold but I do know of an excellent litter with good pedigree and temperament.  If you want to learn more and I can learn more about the potential home on offer please e-mail

She has been mated to Rachel Newman's lovely boy Dabas.  Bred for beauty, brains, temperament.  All puppies sold.

pups at 2 days old

Oakberrow Gintastic - Breeze to her friends

2015 was a great time in the show ring for Breeze with 3 x 1st prizes and winning Reserve Challenge Certificate under Gundog specialsit Gordon Haran. Breeze at 13 months Breeze has had a great time in the show ring this year culminating in winning Best bitch at the Hungarian Wirehaired Viszla Assocation Open show Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla Association

which was held in September at Stoneleigh.  The judge on the day was David Shields.

Breeze has been out working on local shoots and during the summer she also was part of Mid Western Gundog Society demonstration team.  She is looking forward to Crufts where like her mother will be elgible to enter in both the breed class and Gamekeepers classes.

2015 Breeze has been lightly shown but has had 3 firsts in Limit Bitch and also won the Reserve Challenge Certificate at Darlington Championship Show. 

She has been out a couple of days this season picking up and has received compliments from the guns about her brilliant work picking-up.  Of course this is written by a very proud mum, not biased at all!



Stowford is a Dad - 4 boys and 1 girl.  Mum was Mike Lewin's ZsaZsa.  All pups have found really good homes 


Breeze in the kitchen the other evening -



Meet the new girl on the block Breeze - Oakberrow Gintastic - born August 2012.Breeze at 6 weeks old

GIN - Farnfield Pussy Galore at Galicar

Gin had her previous litter in 2010 and her 2 daughters have done exceptionally well in the show ring and her son Stowford has proved to be an exceptionally talented lad in the shooting field.

Her gorgeous girls - Ginger Lillie Around Oakberrow owned by Yvonne Aldridge won Bitch Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed at Windsor Championship Dog Show June 2012. Judge was breed specialist Richard Stafford. Tilly's sister Ir Sh Ch Incahoots at Galicar was awarded Reserve Best Bitch, Bling is also an Irish Show Champion and has won 1 Reserve Challenge Certificate. Bling is owned by Jo Cairns.

The ‘Hairy Gingers’ as they are affectionately known as at Oakberrow. 
We absolutely love this breed.  They are another of the Hunt Point Retrieve Group of gundogs and are quite a new breed to this country.  There are still many of these who have the original dogs which were imported from Hungary in their pedigree.

The Beginnings

I liked the German Wirehaired Pointers and also the Italian Spinones, but have ended up with the Wirehaired Vizslas after seeing Sharon Pinkerton with her girl who definitely did a lot to bring this rare breed to the attention of the British.  I still remember the day when I phoned up and spoke to Barbara and asked if they knew of any HWV puppies for sale.  Barbara said stop joking what did I really want, and I said no really I was looking for a HWV pup.  It definitely was a ‘meant to be’ moment, as Barbara was just writing out an advert for a HWV dog puppy.  So off we went the next day and met our first HWV puppy in 2000.  Sharon did say that she was not really convinced that his wire coat would come through, but I just loved him and decided to bring him home to Oakberrow.  The boy in question Bareve Red Shank among Oakberrow and pet name ‘Hooch’.

Bareve Red Shank Among Oakberrow

Hooch did OK in the show ring, and unfortunately his wire coat did not come through but he has a good weather resistant coat.  I can certainly say that Hooch was laid back – sometimes horizontal but a joy to have around.  He was a very useful member of my picking-up team, not the quickest but he used his brains.  I remember one day at my friend Mike William’s shoot they were shooting duck.  Hooch and I had been away from the pond doing something and when it was finished came forward to see what could be picked.  Hooch went on point at the edge of the pond, we all looked and could not see anything.  Asked him to fetch and he slid into the water and underneath back emerged with a wounded duck which had been swept in there by the wind – amazing!  Another day when Hooch and I were with Chris Guest – he was happily picking up partridge and we finished the drive and then remembered that there was a bird still not picked up.  Chris and I let Hooch out of the truck and he went straight to the spot no direction or anything he just knew and that is what Hooch is all about.  This then encouraged me to look for another HWV.   Bareve gundogs

Lanspar Varazslatos at Oakberrow

The second HWV to come into my life, but only for a short time I am very sad to say was Fiddich – Lanspar Varazslatos at Oakberrow, bred by Terry Pearson out of his Lanspar Korisfa and son of Roy Bebbington’s dog.  During his short lifetime I went through some bad times and sad losses, but Fiddich was always the one who could make you smile with his wiry face and funny looks.  He was a brilliant show dog, great worker and a great friend.  Steve and I were heartbroken when we found him dead in his run August 2010.  Lanspar HWVs

Farnfield Pussy Galore at Galicar

In 2008 – the Gin or Bling as Jo called her – came into our lives.  What a girl!  She was bred by Richard Stafford and daughter of the famous James – Silvanus Oh Oh Seven and daughter of Silvanus Fanny by Gaslight, her name Farnfield Pussy Galore at Galicar.  From the day she arrived with us it was OK this is home and I am the most beautiful so look after me.   Well this girl has done us proud in the show ring and also out working and has 2 beautiful daughters in the show ring.  Ginger Lillie around Oakberrow won Best Puppy in Breed at Crufts and Incahoots at Galicar won Reserve Challenge Certificate at Scottish Kennel Club May show 2011.  Farnfield Gundogs

Gin has a list of wins – what are numerous and not to bore you I will not go into great detail about.

Gin is planning a litter in 2012.

 And then there is Gin Jiminy at Oakberrow – STOWFORD.  He seems to have a bit of everyone appear in his character, and being a son Gin he is very handsome and has excellent temperament.  2011 sees his first proper year in the shooting world and Steve and I are delighted with this lad.  He is available at stud to approved bitches only and will be hip scored shortly.