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RYELANDS FOR SALE - both coloured and white

2019 (updated 7 October 2019)

A small starter flock or can be sold separately - breeding ewes and unrelated ram - SOLD

Coloured Ryelands - we only have one ram lamb for sale who is sired by Cagedale Windfall out of an Arberth bred ewe.

All coloured ewe lambs are SOLD.  All Ryeland ewe lambs are SOLD

Please contact us to have your name included and the opportunity to purchase quality pedigree stock.  


email or phone 01531 640102/07971675162

 SOLD - 

2017 show results -

The Ryelands have not been to many shows this year but have been doing OK.  Monmouth Show Oakberrow Winston was Reserve Male Champion and the Oakberrow threesome one the Group.  

Coloured Ryelands have been doing well with Bachebrook Willie Wonka gaining 2nd at RWAS Smallholders, 3rd at Shropshire County and 5th at Royal Three Counties Show, 2nd at  Royal Bath and WEst and on the group of 3.

Our new star Coddington Xcel ( our first registered coloured) won at Shropshire County and Reserve Male Champion, 1st at Royal Bath and West and part of the winning group of 3, 2nd at Royal Three Counties.


Show Results for 2015 -

RWAS Smallholders - Judge Mr John Reed

Oakberrow Thunder - 3rd and Minton Untouchable 5th

Shropshire County Show - Judge Mrs Pam Bateman

Oakberrow Thunder - Breed and Male Champion

Shearling Ewe - Female Champion and Reserve Champion also 1st Wool on the Hoof

Group of Three - 1st

Oakberrow Villain - 4th ram lamb, Ewe lamb 3rd

Bromyard Gala - Judge Mr Tim Ward

Minton Untouchable - 2nd Ram any age

Oakberrow Vandal - 4th Ram lamb

Breeding ewe 2nd, Shearling ewe 5th, Ewe lambs 2nd and 3rd, Group of 3 - 2nd

Tenbury Show - National Ryeland Show

Judge Ryelands - Mr P Titley  Coloureds -Mr R Wear

Breeding Ewe 3rd, Oakberrow Vandal and Ewe lamb 6th pair of lambs and Shearling Ewe 3rd Wool on the Hoof.

Coloureds -

Oakberrow Vinnie - 5th Ram Lamb and Veronica - 4th Ewe lamb

Burwarton Show -

Ryelands judge - Mr Matthew Pink  Coloureds Mrs Carol Bateman

Group of 3 - 4th

Oakberrow Thunder - 2nd, Minton Untouchable - 4th, Oakberrow Vandal - 5th

Breeding Ewe - 1st, Shearling Ewe 5th and ewe lamb 2nd

Coloureds -

Oakberrow Vinnie - 6th Ram Lamb and Veronica 1st and Reserve Breed Champion

Angelsey Show - Judge Mr Julian Wright

Oakberrow Thunder - 2nd, Oakberrow Vandal 4th, Shearling Ewe 2nd, Ewe Lamb 3rd

Llyswen Show -

Ryelands - Laura Howell

Oakberrow Thunder - 1st and Reserve Champion, Oakberrow Vandal 3rd, Breeding Ewe and Ewe lamb 3rd

Group of 3 - 2nd

Monmouth Show - Judge Mr Rhys Morgan

Oakberrow Thunder - 4th, Oakberrow Vince - 4th, Breeding Ewe 2nd, Ewe Lamb 2nd, Group of 3 - 3rd


Moreton Show - Judge Mr Clifford Freeman

Oakberrow Thunder - RESERVE NATIVE INTERBREED CHAMPION also together with breeding ewe


Oakberrow Vince - 3rd, Breeding Ewe 1st, Ewe Lamb - 1st

Show results for 2014 -

Shropshire County show - judge Andy McVicar - Male Champion and Reserve Breed Champion with Oakberrow Piniot Grigio, also won Champion Wool on the Hoof with our shearling ewe.

Bromyard Gala - judge Carol Bateman - Won shearling ram with Oakberrow Thunder, second with our Shearling ewe and also won the group of 3.

Royal Welsh - judge William Laurie - Dolwen Noble 3rd in Senior ram

Tenbury Show - judge John Reed - 2nd in old ram class with Oakberow Piniot Grigio, 5th with shearling ewe and 2nd with Ewe lamb

Moreton Show - judge Steve Bradbury - Champion ryeland with Dolwen Noble, 2nd with ewe lamb.

Monmouth Show - judge Cerys Jones - Champion ryeland Dolwen Noble, 1st and reserve female champion with ewe lamb, also group of 3.


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Ryeland Sheep -

Ryelands are one of the oldest breeds in this country, originating at Leominster, grazing the Rye meadows.  The wool from the Ryeland Sheep was called the Lemster Ore and is very valuable. 

Today, Ryelands are an ideal smallholders sheep, easy to handle, docile, easy lambers, have no footrot, good growth rate and are good to eat.  Ryeland Flock Book Society Ltd for further information.

Oakberrow lines

Incorporate pedigrees from the top flocks in the country with some very old bloodlines –
Valley, Catherton, Pembroke, Keepings, Ruslin and Dolwen.  We lamb 35 ewes who this year have gone to a variety of our rams.

Female lines recently purchased from the old Ashford Flock of Bob Webb and Rochford flock of Brenda and John McCaull as well as from the Welsh breeders Russell Howell (Mansel flock) and David Lewis (Narbeth flock)

Rams used this year are Oakberrow Half a Chance whose sire is Pembroke Deputy and dam is a ewe from Mrs Hipps by Ruslin Liberty.

OAKBERROW PINIOT GRIGIOJuggis Laser whose sire is Rushock Dominic and dam is a ewe who goes back to Mansel Zodiac. Meadowvale Nimrod whose sire is Keepings Costas and a Strathore dam. Oakberrow Not Ewe Again whose sire is Ruslin Kanto and dam whose sire is by Glyncroft Toby. Oakberrow Piniot Grigio whose sire is Juggis Laser and dam homebred by Keepings Costas

We delight in showing our sheep and see this as a way of always improving the stock.  Our lambs which go to market make good prices and when slaughtered we have received some really good grades with U, and R, 3L.

In 2011 we had a great time in the show world winning many top awards carrying on from the success we had in 2010 in particular with our ewe lamb whose sire was Ruslin Kanto.  This year - before injury - Oakberrow Not Ewe Again - won a strong shearling ram class at the Royal Bath and West and his flock mate Juggis Laser won Reserve Inter Breed Champion Wool the  Hoof.                                                                                                              

We believe in Ryeland Sheep and feel that the Oakberrow flock can make its mark not only in the show world but also in the commercial world and our sheep are bred with both of those ambitions in mind.

This year we have ran on a quantity of ewe lambs who will make excellent investment for the future for those either starting off or have established flocks.  There will not be any other flock who has made such an investment to capsulate the top lines within their pedigrees.

Rams used for 2014 lambing

Dolwen Noble - sire Ruslin Kilroy  Dolwen Ryelands 

Oakberrow Piniot Grigio - sire Juggis Laser

Huntsmoor Sturridge

Oakberrow Tornado

Merrwvale Sherriff