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CRUFTS 2019 - 

The Best of Breed this year was HP - big brother of Moray - and son of our handsome Foster - Sh Ch Oakberrow Wotzinaname.  An amazing day for Team Oakberrow and Foster and Moray are very proud of HP who is owned by Stephanie and Mark Jackman from Scotland.  HP is available at stud.

FOUR GENERATIONS OF German Shorthaired Pointers (GSP's)

Moray at 6 weeks oldNEW to Oakberrow - Moray - daughter of Foster (Sh Ch Oakberrow Wotzinaname Sh.CM) joined the pack November this year and we are absolutely delighted that at the moment we have four generations.  Start off with Tia who is 16 years old, her daughter Tetley 12 years old, Tetley's son Foster 7 years old and then 12 weeks Moray.

 UPDATE - A very sad day on 18 January 2016 when Tia left us and has gone to join Herbie.  She left a super legacy and I want to thank you Tia for being part of my life these last 16 years.  She would have been 17 in May - what a girl!








 The very lovely Thatcher

The lovely Thatcher arrived at Oakberrow in August and we are absolutely delighted with this chap.



JD - 'Show Champion Oakberrow Xsepshunall'

Dogs play a large part in our life - especially Kez 

Over 30 years ago, my Father brought home my very first German Shorthaired Pointer who was called Kez.  He was a 3 year old dog, fully trained to the gun and he certainly made a big impression in my life and through him I took up showing and working dogs. As a result I have come to meet and make many great friends. Even now the support and friendship I have received from fellow GSP owners has been second to none.

Kez was bred by Mary and Tony Lockley from Ammanford – and yes guess what – they are still good friends.  He was called Maesydd Robbie and could be traced back to the first import into this country.  I was encouraged to enter Kez at the Three Counties Show and he won a 4th prize and this was enough to encourage me to become involved in the dog showing world.

At the time Kez came into my life we lived at Lintridge Farm and he soon became used to the Hereford Cattle and sheep – I remember a neighbour used to laugh when I went out on walks – Kez, my toy poodle and the cat!!!  Kez and Tuppence (the poodle) used to take themselves off rabbiting and believe it or not it was the poodle who caught the rabbits!  

My Dad and his friends were good shots and Kez used to love going out shooting with him.  At the farm we were overrun with rabbits and Kez used to go out with them at night retrieving the rabbits shot – sometimes this could be well over 60. 

He had a good sense of smell and when local bitches were in season he used to go calling!  Lots of stories about him but I think the most embarrassing was walking through the village and someone saying – it was your dog then!  Another amusing story was when one of the workmen found  Kez coming back from his rendezvous, he called him in to the car, Kez duly jumped in and then would not let him back into the car!!  So the poor chap had to walk a few miles to reach a phone and contact my Dad - who was not too amused!

Another was when a fox kept on killing my mothers chickens – the one day Dad just missed the fox and fetched Kez and sent him off after the fox.  Off he went – and duly returned, no not with the fox – but the hen!

A few years later a fellow farmer had a GSP bitch and it was all agreed that she would go to Kez.  One day out of the blue he phoned up Dad and said that we could have her to which I was delighted and so Heidi joined us and Oakberrow GSPs were born.

Influences over the years included Geramers and Swifthouse lines and then I bought Herbie – the next big influence in my Oakberrow prefix.  Herbie – Sh Ch Jennalines Herr baceous of Oakberrow and even although Herbie died in 2006, his offspring are still doing well in the show and working world.  The latest is Foster – Oakberrow Wotzinaname – line bred to Herbie by Guinness Jennalines Seamour Butts at Oakberrow JW and Lyng Tanya Avec Oakberrow who can  be traced back to Kez and Heidi.

GSP's at home

Lyng Tanya avec Oakberrow – Tia
Jennaline Seamour Butts at Oakberrow – Guinness and a Herbie son
Oakberrow Unforgettable – Tetley and sister to Sh Ch Oakberrow Xsepshunall who is featured on the home page.
Oakberrow Dickie Deadeye with Knabynnus – Mac who is a baby brother to Tetley
Oakberrow Wotzinaname – Foster son of Guinness and Tetley

All my GSP's work and I am lucky enough to be invited on local shoots and the dogs have a good reputation and it is always a delight when they do well.

Dogs at Stud


Mac and Foster – for further information Contact Us.

Oakberrow Dickie Deadeye with Knabynnus (Mac)







Show Champion OakberrowWotzinaname (Foster)