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Greyfaced Dartmoors


Oakberrow Ulysses

For 2019 lambing we purchased a super shearling ram from the Vespasian Flock.

Updated 7 October 2019

3 ewe lambs for sale - SOLD

Please contact us to have your name included and the opportunity to purchase quality pedigree stock. or phone 01531 640102/07971675162



2016 results still to be added - but see Blog for latest results.  Next show will be Monmouth show end of August.



RWAS Smallholders - Judge Mrs Jenny Hempsted

Sunny, Ulysses both 2nd, Antonia 4th

Shropshire County - Judge Mr John Osborne

Oakberrow Ulysses - 1st ram any age, Antonia 3rd breeding ewe, Baby Lara 2nd shearling ewe, Agatha 1st ewe lamb and Group of 3 - 2nd.

Royal Three Counties Show - Judge - Mr Wally Neale

Sunny - 1st and Breed champion, Oakberrow Ulysses - 2nd, Oakberrow Victor 1st, Freda 3rd in shearlign ewe, Breeding ewe 3rd, Agatha - 1sdt and Group of 3 - 2nd.

Anglesey Show - Judge Mr Josh Briggs

Henry - 1st Breed Champion and Champion Rare Breed in Show

Oakberrow Ulysses, Oakberrow Victor, Freda and Agatha were all 2nd.

Group of 3 - 1st

Monmouth show - Judge - Mrs Jan Rogers

Everyone had 2nd that day!! - Oakberrow Ulysses, Oakberrow Valian, Freda and Beau

Moreton  Show - Mr Graham Hampsted

AO Longwool classes not GFD specific

Oakberrow Ulysses - 2nd, Oakberrow Victor - 3rd, Freda 1st and Agatha 4th.

Show Results for 2014

Shropshire County - Sunny 3rd in Aged ram class, Ulysses was 4th in ram lamb and the breeding ewe was 5th.

Royal Three Counties Show - WOW a great day!!! - Sunny 1st and Breed Champion, Champion Male, Breeding ewe 1st and Reserve Breed Champion and Champion Female, Ulysses 1st in ram lamb and Henry 1st in Shearling Ram.

Monmouth Show - Sunny 3rd in aged ram, Ulysses 2nd in ram lamb and baby girl won the ewe lamb class.

Moreton show - we were in Any Other Longwool classes which were quite large.  Sunny 2nd in aged ram, Ulysses 4th in ram lamb, Breeding ewe - 1st and Reserve Champion, baby girl 4th in ewe lamb.

A great end to showing this year, really looking forward to next year.

New faces at Oakberrow - arrived in September from the Sunnyside flock

Sunnyside ram

After the very sad loss of Decimus during the summer the search was on for a replacement ram to keep our girls happy.  After much research we sourced a very handsome ram from Ann Rickson of the famous Sunnyside flock.  Fringie as Ann called him returned to Oakberrow with 2 girls as well.  We have renamed Fringie Sunny.




Attractive, quiet and easily handled the Dartmoor have their enthusiasts throughout the country and provide a natural focal point whenever they appear.  Descended from the local breeds, which grazed the low ground in and around Dartmoor, they have immense strength of constitution. 

The Dartmoor fleece is classified as Lustre Longwool.  A medium sized sheep (approx. 60kg), deep bodied, and short legged with well woolled head and legs.  The white face should be mottled or spotted with black or grey with matching feet.  The sort straight legs are well covered with wool.  A clip of 7-9kg can be expected with a higher yield (up to 15kg) from mature rams.  Traditionally the long, curly, lustre wool was used for blankets, serge, carpets and cloth.

Greyface Dartmoor Breeders

In 2011 I purchased 6 in-lamb ewes  from two well known flocks.

The Muddl'le flock from Shrewsbury and the Vespasian flock from Wells, Somerset. 

This I believe has given us a good start into the Greyface Dartmoor world and cannot wait for lambing.  We also purchased a shearling ram from the Vespasian flock Decmius 10.

 Vespasian 10 - Decimus