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Greyface Dartmoor champion at Shropshire County Show

Ulysses with SteveWow what a great day we had yesterday at Shropshire County Show.  Steve took the sheep the day before and we had a full team of 5 Ryelands and 5 Greyface Dartmoors.  It is always exciting/tense before you go into the judging ring and today was no exception. 

The judging for both breeds was at the same time so I showed the Ryelands, the judge was David Duggan, who made a very good job.  Untouchable the ryeland ram certainly lived up to his name, but the rest of the team were very good and showed off well and we managed to win a 1st, 2nd 3rd and 2xfifths.

The Greyfaces were being judged by a judge from Devon - Mrs Janet Rogers, who had attracted a really good entry.  In the first class Ram any age, our handsome Ulysses won this and he also was Male Champion and Breed Champion.  William ram lamb was third as was Agatha, breeding ewe 5th and unfortunately our ewe lamb did not make the cut for rosettes.  We also won 2nd in the group of three.

Ulysses then challenged for Champion Rare Breed Sheep in Show and he won this!!! What a star and Steve was overcome and had a few tears in his eyes.

Next time out is at Royal Three Counties Show 17/19 June for the Greyface team.


Crufts results 2016 the oakberrow team

Gin and meWhat a great Crufts we had.  Steve and I set off early in the morning with the gingers - Gin (Farnfield Pussy Galore at Galicar) and her daughter Breeze (Oakberrow Gintastic).  Good run to the NEC, stroll from the car park to Hall 5 where we had a lovely cup of coffee.  We then made our way to the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas benches which there was great activity and excitement. 

The girls went on the benches and had lots of visitors talking to them.  This was Gin's first Crufts for 2 years as I had retired her from the show ring - she is rising 10 years old.  The gorgeous Breeze got her figure back just in the nick of time after having her pups 11 weeks previously.

The judge on the day was Chris Morgan and Chris made my day and I had tears in my eyes.  Gin has had many many wins but she never had a first at Crufts and this was the day!!!  She stood well and moved like a dream and won Veteran Bitch.  Thanks Chris.  Limit Bitch saw Breeze being placed second which I was equally delighted about.

Gin's grandchildren - Oakberrow Gin Gernut won 2nd in Puppy bitch and Mike Lewin's bitch sired by Gin Jiminay of Oakberrow (Stowford) won 1st in Post Graduate and the Reserve Challenge Certificate - so a great day for the Oakberrow family.

Steve and I then made our way to Hall 5 to meet our friends for the BASC Gamekeepers class where Gin joined a working cocker and a golden retriever making up Pirton Shoot team and they were 4th out of 15.

Very tired we packed up to wind our way home - but memorable is the word.

Breeze before pups


Lambing courses 2016 - one more week

first time lambing!Lambing is going well (touch wood) and all those that have attended the courses have really enjoyed them and learnt lots.

Next week sees the end of lambing this year with the last few left to lamb.

If you are interested in attending Oakberrow on a lambing course, please get in touch to arrange a suitable date.

After lambing sheep husbandry courses and show preparation courses are available, again get in touch with e-mail above. 

The show scene is upon us with schedules flooding in, so if you want any help, advice tuition to get the best out of your sheep in the show ring, get in touch.




Lambing Live - last night was very busy

Ewes feeding in lambing barnOn the lambing list we had 14 on the list to lamb within a couple of days.  Obviously to a commercial farmer small numbers but for our set-up it means quite a lot of work.  This year the ewes who are in lamb to one of our new Ryeland Rams are all running about 4 to 5 days late to their lambing date, so you get all prepared for this and then the Grey face Dartmoors and Texels are lambing near enough on their lambing date.

Steve is glad to say that we are just over half way so he can catch up with his sleep after 6 of our girls lambed last night.

We have caught up with the lambing list which gives a slight breather.

The puppies will be leaving and going to their new homes over the weekend - apart from Bentley who is here while his new mum and dad are on holiday.

Lambing courses are going well and the girls will only  be lambing for the next couple of weeks so if interested please get in touch.  The people who have been on courses this year have been great and given great testimonials - 'Amanda - had a wonderful day, really enjoyed doing the practical things and learned lots - feel ready for my own lambing now!'.  'Jeanie - A really good day - a serious introduction to hands on sheep farming. Brilliant. Thank you.'



Lambing and Puppies

Puppies at playThis next month is going to be really busy as the ewes will start lambing on 1 February, lambing courses also start - we do have a few spaces available.

The Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla puppies are a month old so the hard work starts and their new owners get to meet their new charges. There is still one dog puppy available, so get in touch if interested and stop me from falling in love with him. Delighted to say he has found a great home today.

So Oakberrow is the place to be especially if  you want to learn about anything to do with sheep, we also do husbandry and show training courses.

First to lamb with the Ryelands followed closely by some of the Greyface Dartmoors, mny gorgeous Antonia and Baby Lara.

If you want to learn and have hands-on experience of lambing, do get in touch with us at Oakberrow either by e-mail or phone 01531 640102.