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Greyface Dartmoor ewe and her twinsFor 2019 our girls have a really tight lambing.  Courses will commence on 18 February and run straight through to 2nd March 2019.  

STOP PRESS - We have spaces for 28th Feb, 1st, 2nd and 3rd March 2019.  

Booked up from 18th Feb to 26th Feb.

This gives us the flexibility to fit in with your busy diary.

The day commences at 10am and finishes at approx 4pm dependent on whether there may be a ewe on lambing.  Lunch is provided.  Please ensure that you come dressed for working with sheep, even although all the lambing does take place indoors.

We will be lambing Ryeland Sheep and Greyface Dartmoors and at the end of March our commercial sheep.

Comments from previous pupils who have attended the course

'Feel confident to lamb my own and all my questions answered'

Please contact Doreen on any of the following - email; 07971675162 or landline 01531 640102.Ryeland ewe and lamb



Steve supervising foot trimmingHere at Oakberrow we specialise in one to one courses ensuring that you go home feeling confident about looking after your sheep.

Or it may be that you are keen to own sheep but want to learn about how to look after them and able to talk the same language as your local farmers, we can help.

As we are at home this gives us the opportunity to be flexible on dates to fit in with your diary.  Maximum on a day would be four.

Lambing course bookings can be made, lambing will be February 2019.

Interested then get in touch - 01531 640102 or 07971675162 or



Greyface Dartmoors in lambing shedGreat - at last we have started lambing.  The first lambs to be born were triplets to S8 our show ewe and she has 2 boys and a girl who are all doing well.  They were born on 31st Jan.  Following on from that our beautiful Antonia (Greyfaced Dartmoor) had two pretty girls on Sunday 4 February and then last night my little Babe (Greyfaced Dartmoor) had her daughter.

From the 8th to the 10th we have nine ewes to lamb so it will be getting pretty busy at Oakberrow and then the remaining are all following on mostly during February.  We are lambing 43 ewes this year which is more than in 2017.

Lambing courses - we have flexibility as there is something due to lamb every day for the remainder of the month and then running into March, so if interested in a course do please get in touch.

Contact - or phone us on 07971675162.



All the ewes have been scanned and delighted with the results which include three sets of triplets, one of which is from our Greyface Dartmoor Ewe Lara.  This will be the first time that any of our Dartmoors have had triplets.

Greyface Dartmoor with her twinsThe Lambing Courses start 4th February and the ewes lambing dates are for all of February which gives a good choice of dates to choose from.  We always try to fit in the courses to when ewes are due and give them some leeway either side of the date so that attendees will see a lambing during the time at Oakberrow.

The course also covers the feeding of the ewes and the after-care for lambs as well as the signs of when a ewe is going to lamb and actual lambing and problems with the different presentations of the lambs.

A good lunch is also provided!

If interested, please get in touch to book your spot.  Tel 01531 640102/07971675162 or




Lambing courses - dates to be announced for February 2018

Pupil lambing their first lambThis year at Oakberrow we have increased the number of ewes we are lambing.  The breeds we have are Ryelands, Coloured Ryelands, Greyface Dartmoors and Texel/Beltex ewes.  

They will be scanned in December and then lambing course dates will be posted on the web, but it looks like we will start from the first week in February through to the first week in March 2018.

We enjoy lambing it is always a great feeling seeing the new borns and how they develop.  

Our courses cover all aspects of lambing and we have had great feedback from previous years saying how much they learnt and really enjoyed the experience of attending a course at Oakberrow.

We already have a few people put their names down for lambing courses, so if you are interested please get in touch.  This year we are putting in a 12 hour course as well as the daytime lambing.